Introducing the Integrated Renters Insurance Solution (IRIS)

ePremium offers an innovative web based solution that allows our multifamily clients to implement a portfolio wide renters insurance program and security deposit alternative program all under one integrated platform, IRIS.

  • Quick and Easy Enrollment (Renters Insurance & Deposit Insurance)
  • Complete Tracking and Monitoring Tools for Lease Compliance
  • Management Report Suite Provides Vision Across Entire Portfolio
  • 100% Participation is an Achievable Goal

The Need for a Renters Insurance Program

Resident negligence resulting in property damage can cause property managers significant profit leak. Typically, this damage falls below the deductible on the commercial insurance causing the management company to pay for these damages themselves. Nationally, almost 80% of apartment residents do not carry renters insurance during their lease term.

The Scenario

An accidental grease fire results in $10,000 damage to the resident's unit and $5,000 in additional smoke damage to three adjacent units. The resident has no renters insurance and insufficient assets to pay for the damages.

The Result

Property owners end up paying the price for resident-caused damages.

The Impact

Significant profit leak for property owners and managers that adds up during the course of a year to dramatically impact NOI.

The ePremium RENTERS Solution

If an applicant is approved for residency within your community, they are automatically pre-approved for enrollment in the ePremium RENTERS Insurance Program. The liability portion of the resident’s renters insurance will protect the management company. The contents coverage will provide your residents with peace of mind knowing they have coverage to protect their personal belongings from unforeseen loss. The result, a win-win solution for you and your residents.

  • Decrease losses due to resident negligence
  • Reduce Profit Leak
  • Increase Net Operating Income

Our IRIS web platform will provide you with the tools to successfully implement the renters insurance program.

Security Deposit Alternative Solution - ePremium eDeposit

Through our integrated approach to the IRIS web platform, we offer a comprehensive security deposit alternative program. Residents can choose to purchase eDeposit in place of paying the full traditional security deposit. The insurance premium is much less than the full deposit amount thereby significantly reducing out-of-pocket expenses for the resident upon move-in.

  • Reduce move-in costs while retaining financial protection
  • Increase Occupancy
  • Gain a competitive marketing advantage 

Our IRIS web platform will provide you with the tools to successfully implement the security deposit alternative program.

The Smart Choice is Yours for the Making!

IRIS enables our business partners to meet their renters insurance goals and increase profitability by decreasing losses due to resident negligence.

IRIS also increases overall profitability through eDeposit by significantly decreasing move-in costs for prospective residents, while still retaining financial protection from damage or revenue losses typically covered under a traditional refundable security deposit.